‘Mountains start in the material world, but soar in the realm of the spirit’
Tsung Ping, 375-444 AD


Stone-time, is an on-going art project around sacred mountains in which I explore the current influence and timelessness of these places in contrast with the everyday worldly life around (under) it. It is my visual testimony and expression of an investigation, and an attempt to recapture the ancient spiritual core of these sites and placing it in a contemporary context.

Initially I was drawn to the mountains in 2005 when I lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan for five months. Developing a desire for more space and a slowdown in this busy metropolis I got fascinated by the holy mount Fuji that is laying at the horizon, but almost never visible because of the highrise in the cityscape. Curious for this ancient mountain that has been a place of inspiration, refuge, grounding and spirituality for people throughout history, I decided to return to Japan in 2010 and investigate the mountain by circling around it for a longer period of time.
During this journey around mount Fuji I experienced the big contrast between the eternal and unchangeable character of the mountain and the fleeting city life. The theme of these two co-existing contrasting environments became the starting point of this project.

Sacred mountains

I decided to continue the project in 2014 and resided for three months on the sacred mount Olympus in Greece and after that drove around mount Ararat in Turkey, Armenia and Iran.
In spring and summer 2015 I undertook a journey along the five great sacred mountains of China, the ‘Wuyue’.


The mountains are not only functioning as a protagonist in my work but at the same time they become a temporary home and workingstudio. Usually I work and live around them observing and relating to them for an extended period of time. Registrating but also giving my most immediate and personal expression of how I experience and relate to the world around me.
During these periods I collect the soil of the different mountains and process it to clay and sculptures.

The works from the mountains are at a later stage constructed into installations and publications and ofcourse this website.
The site is organic and alive. Ill be updating reguarly. At the same time I am working on making a book about the joined mountains in the comming years.

Antoinette NausikaƤ

I am the time

I am the time