Book: Clouds gone, the mountain

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Clouds gone, the mountain appears

In 2010 I went to Japan to travel around mount Fuji. Mt Fuji is considered a holy mountain in Japan and hundreds of thousands of people climb it every year*. I wanted to know what the mountain’s presence would do with me when I would take the time to circle around it off-season in wintertime.

As a kind of personal pilgrimage I undertook a trip to several villages around Mt Fuji. It took me 6 weeks to go around the mountain. Fuji san became a mysterious antagonist. I was traveling around it but couldn’t see it for the first three weeks because it was always covered in clouds.

‘Where is Mt Fuji?’, I was asking the people when I arrived in the villages.
‘Aaaah, Kyo wa kumotta!’ they said. Meaning, ‘Aaaah today it is cloudy!’

Then after three weeks on a clear and sunny morning I suddenly saw its perfectly symmetrucal snow-capped shape right in front of me…

The book has 87 pages, full color photographs and contains an original ink drawing made by me on Japanese rice paper. Edition 100 numbered and signed.

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Selection from the book:

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