Mount Fuji

FUJI bird 600 uitsnede
Bird numazu 1240
Bird over Numazu, Japan 2010

Mount Fuji

In 2010 I went to Japan to travel around mount Fuji. Mt Fuji is considered a holy mountain in Japan and hundreds of thousands of people climb it every year. I wanted to know what the mountain’s presence would do with me when I would take the time to circle around it off-season in wintertime. As a kind of personal pilgrimage I undertook a trip to from village to village around Mt Fuji. It took me 6 weeks to go around the mountain. Fuji san became a mysterious companion. I was traveling around it but couldn’t see it for the first three weeks because it was always covered in clouds.

‘Where is Mt Fuji?’, I was asking the people when I arrived in the villages.
‘Aaaah, Kyo wa kumotta!’ they said. Meaning, ‘Aaaah today it is cloudy!’

Then after three weeks on a clear and sunny morning I suddenly saw its perfectly symmetrical snow-capped shape right in front of me…

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tekening around fuji

30-03-2010 | My teachers feet…


From my experiences I made the publication Clouds gone, the mountain appears >

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