Mount Olympus

Showing the tree my drawing, Olympus 2014 900px

Showing the tree my Drawing, Olympus 2014

Mount Olympus

15-03-14 | The home of the gods

around olympus

Old land

17-03-14 |
Just looking at this land at the foot of Mt Olympus.
Its old.
People have been living here for thousands of years.
Watching the same sea and the same mountain.
I wonder if everything that happened here,
maybe got soacked up in the ground?


tek 02 arrows olympus



28-03-14 |


600px many mountains

Many mountains in one

I have been around this mountain Olympus now for three weeks and I can’t seem to grasp the shape of it. It’s not cone shaped or does not have a very clear other shape. Its more like a big, 3000 meter high, lump of rocks to me, with many pointy tops. Driving around it gives a totaly different perspective every few seconds and I have been trying to figure out what exactly is the highest peak since I have been here. I feel like this mountain is a bit playing around with me. Saying to me; ‘Hey you think you can come here and make a project about how Holy I am, by trying to figure out my shape?’ ‘Goodluck, I am a thousand shapes in one’. This trying to grasp the mountain, makes me a bit restless and at the same time I like it, because it keeps me awake and busy.

dont see it
see washes me empty
drawing03_olympus eyes_Antoinette Nausikaa

After a three months stay on Olympus we drove on to mount Ararat in Turkey >